The Valley’s cat overpopulation crisis cannot be ignored. Animal shelter and Valley neighborhoods are overrun with free-roaming, stray and often times, feral cats.

Last year, approximately 30,000 homeless cats and kittens entered Valley shelters; and more than 17,000 were euthanized for medical or behavioral conditions or because they were orphaned and underweight. Sadly, there are not enough foster homes or rescue groups available to meet the staggering number of cats and kittens brought to the shelters.

In order to confront this massive challenge, AHS and ADLA have partnered to create the Spay Neuter Pilot Program. This joint program will be a grassroots, volunteer-driven initiative that combines ADLA’s experience in reducing the homeless feline population with the funding, outreach and community involvement resources of AHS.

The program targets six Phoenix-area zip codes that have the highest feline surrender rates to AHS’ shelter: