Need help getting rid of stray or feral cats? Try TNR.

Interested In Trap-Neuter-Return?

Thanks to funding from PetSmart Charities, the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust and Fix.Adopt.Save partners, residents in the following zip codes that include some of the highest feline surrender rates in our community can receive FREE assistance.

85015   85017   85020   85021   85029
85051   85201   85204   85301   85302

If you do not live in a one of these ZIP codes, there are still options available to deal with stray cats in your area. The Animal Defense League of Arizona offers an affordable, county-wide TNR program. A donation of $25 per cat is requested. However, if you are unable to make a donation, financial assistance options are available.

How To Start The Process

To get more information on how to take advantage of free trap-neuter-return services in one of the supported ZIP codes, please call the Spay Neuter Hotline at 602.265.7729 or visit the Animal Defense League of Arizona's website at

TNR Information

How TNR Works Handout
Tips for Trapping Cats
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